Be Proud to be an Adoptive Parent
May, 2007
Houston Family Magazine

Foster and adoptive communities can now find advocacy products online! TheAdoptShop offers merchandise with a variety of fun graphics and phrases to honor the unique and special circumstances of blended families. With journals, mugs, t-shirts and bumper stickers, TheAdoptShop provides gifts and goodies to celebrate the occasion.

Founded in 2005, TheAdoptShop is women and minority owned. The idea was born from one owner's frustration with the lack of adoption-specific retail items available for her son’s Adoption Day. As an adoptee and adoptive parent, it was clear to her, and her business partner, that there was a void in the market. What began as a lunch time idea was turned quickly into a company with the help of some generous and creative friends -- the talents of whom are displayed in the themed graphic art.

TheAdoptShop has coined phrases such as ‘Opt to Adopt’, ‘The Adoption Revolution’ and ‘Delivered by Angels’ for its various collections. With 12 categories, to date, there are items to suit all interests including, ‘Global Gestures’ for international adoptions, inspirational quotations for gift-giving, and fun t-shirt phrases such as ‘Just like Angelina’ or ‘Same love, no labor’.

Heather Kearns Latini, co-owner of TheAdoptShop said, “We’ve managed to capture the joy, humor and extraordinary quality that foster care and adoption brings to families. So many people have let us know that our site has made a difference to them. It’s a great feeling.”

For more information on TheAdoptShop, please visit or email

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